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Donald Trump was convicted on all 34 felony counts he faced in New York on Thursday, making him the first former President of the United States to be found guilty of a crime.

In response to the verdict, Trump has continued to repeat false claims of the trial being rigged against him as he attempts to move forward with his presidential campaign. Trump supporters have echoed his grievances about the trial being unfair, causing Colin Cowherd to push back on the Republican nominee continuously attempting to sell the public on the world being out to get him.

“He’s trying to sell me an America that doesn’t exist,” Cowherd said on his latest podcast episode for The Volume. “I don’t see crime, I’m not stumbling over homeless people. I see happy people. Dodger Stadium is full, leads Major League Baseball in attendance. Laker games are full. NFL games are full. People have money in their pocket. LAX is packed, I just saw record airline revenue over the weekend. I’m constantly being sold an America by Donald Trump of ‘crime rates are skyrocketing.’ No, they’re actually not. Starting in 2023 they have plummeted coast to coast…you can’t keep selling me on how bad the country I live in is, because it’s not bad for me and my friends.”

Cowherd proceeded to label Trump a “con-artist,” noting it’s never a good look when a person who surrounds themselves with convicted felons is found guilty of a crime.

“Donald Trump is now a felon,” Cowherd said. “His campaign chairman was a felon. So is his deputy campaign manager, his personal lawyer, his chief strategist, his National Security Adviser, his Trade Advisor, his Foreign Policy Adviser, his campaign fixer and his company CFO. They’re all felons. Judged by the company you keep. It’s a cabal of convicts.”

Trump was found guilty of falsifying business records to cover hush money payments and hide extramarital affairs as part of a scheme to prevent his sex scandal from becoming an issue during his 2016 presidential campaign.

“If everybody in your social circle is a felon, I don’t think it’s rigged,” Cowherd continued. “I don’t think the world’s against you. And to get people to agree on anything, 34 counts? 0 for 34? That’s a batting slump even the New York Mets could be impressed with. O for 34. When you’re constantly trying to sell me on an America that I don’t see…Trump’s entire gameplan is ‘The country is in a free fall.’ Maybe in the Trump-centric neighborhoods it is.”

That’s a significant flip for Cowherd, who less than two years ago predicted a “red wave” before the 2022 midterm elections, writing, “Don’t mess with people’s kids.” But in the ensuing months and years after the red wave that wasn’t, Cowherd appears to like what he’s seeing from America, particularly in the blue cities where he spends most of his time, Los Angeles and Chicago.

Cowherd pushed back on the notion that he’s out of touch as a national sports host and business owner of a $100 million company by declaring he has friends and family in diverse financial situations, living in various parts of Los Angeles.

“Stop trying to sell me on ‘everything’s rigged, the country’s falling into the sea, the economy’s terrible,’ Cowherd added. “The America I live in is imperfect. But compared to the rest of the world, I think we’re doing okay.”

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